Arsenic-fluoride co-occurrence

Isotope hydrology

Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia.

Multilayer studies

Surface Water

High altitude lake

Climate change impact evaluation

Metal speciation and transport

Emerging Pollutants

Modelling & Simulation

Metal speciation modelling

  • WHAM, MINTEQA, Biotic ligand modelling

WHAM, MINTEQA, Biotic ligand modelling

  • PhreeqC, Salinity and column simulations

Remediation & Sustainability

Low cost adsorbent

Urban Water supply

Urban runoff and Wastewater treatment

Research Output

Hydro-geochemical Processes

Kumar et al., 2015

Arsenic & Fluoride

Kumar  et al., 2016

Arsenic & Fluoride

Kumar et al., 2013

Climate change & Water

Deka et et al., 2014

Remediation and Sustainability

Goswami et al., 2016

Table 1. Summary of research Accomplishments (2006 – 2020)

International Journal Edited Book Chapters Total First author 45
My student: first author 49
SCI SCIE Book + Journal  Int. Nat.
Corresponding author 94
Publications 78 49 6 + 4 24 6 140

Table 2. Assortment of pollutants in spectrum of publication

Micropollutant Arsenic Nutrient Fluoride Major Ions Emerging
Target compounds (%, ratio) 29% 18 % 9 % 2 % 35 % 7 %

Table 3. Assortment of technology applied for various studies in the published paper

Envtal Isotope Stable Isotopic finger printing Multivariate techniques Metal


Isotope Dilution technique Modelling Remediation
Application materials (%, ratio) 36% 11% 64% 26% 15% 10% 7%

Project Completed (6)

Project Title

Funding Agency & Registration Number

Development of New Water Supply Strategies in Two Major cities of India and Sri Lanka in the context of climate change, rapid urbanization and population growth: A Vulnerability Assessment Approach Asia Pacific Network (APN) for Global Change Research


With Sri Lanka and Japan

Phase distribution of metals in a Tropical River of India during Monsoon Kurita Water and Environment Foundation (KWEF)
Tracing Source and Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Sediment and Water of the Brahmaputra River through Coupling of Speciation and Isotopic Fingerprinting UGC (Major Research Project)
Hydrogeochemical investigation of arsenic contaminated alluvial aquifers of India through multilayer sampling and evaluation of applied remediation technique Fast Track Projects for Young Scientists (DST)
Development of water supply strategies for Brahmaputra watersheds of India under climate change regime. IJCSP(India-Japan Cooperative Science Program)- DST/JSPS
Understanding of arsenic phase distribution and co-contamination perspective with fluoride in the Brahmaputra flood plains Dept of Science and Technology, GoI