Handling agricultural wastes/residues has been a burning national environmental issue, which lately has become a political issue as evident from the ongoing Farmer’s strike. Pollution-focused government ordinance prescribing prison, a fine of up to 10 million rupees (about $135,000), or both for burning crop residue has been a key issue/agenda of this strike.

On the other hand, the Indo-Gangetic plain is infamous for arsenic contamination in the groundwater that irrigates a large number of paddy, rice, and wheat fields.

Under this light/context, our group has put an effort to access the efficacy of alternative use of vast agricultural wastes generated in the Indo-Gangetic plains for controlling a critical problem in the region i.e. As removal from drinking water. We recommend the management of crop residues through pyrolysis which will also help in minimizing GHGs emissions due to the burning practices of agricultural wastes in the region.

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